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About Gina

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio (O-H!), Gina now resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and three young children. While Gina holds a M.Ed., her professional journey has entailed more than she ever imagined. From working with some of the country’s most prestigious universities, to consulting for esteemed government agencies and starting her own women-owned small business, Gina is grateful for the people and possibilities that have led her to this exciting venture.

Having come from a mid-western Italian family, celebrations and traditions are important to Gina. She views holidays, birthdays, and everything in-between, as opportunities to connect and build upon our spirit of community, love, and gratitude. She hopes “The Birthday Books” provide a simple tradition for all families to enjoy for years to come!

A Message from the Author

I am so excited to share "The Birthday Books" with you! What started as an idea for a baby shower gift (that I couldn't believe didn't already exist), has turned into a serendipitous journey that will hopefully not only provide families with a beautiful tradition, but also support families affected by pediatric cancer with the funds and research they need and deserve! Thank you to those who shared their stories and pointed me in the direction of the very worthy,

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share this sweet collection with families and the villages that support them. As a mother of three who have quickly grown from babies - to toddlers - to small humans, the moments are precious and fleeting. My hope is this tradition gives families the chance to slow down, reflect, and share their stories and wishes with one another because - as we know - it is our family traditions that bind us and our wishes that set us free!


The Best Is Yet To Come...

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